Since 2001, Chenoweth Content & Design has helped businesses and organizations — large and small — deliver deep-impact connections with simple and custom creative solutions that include graphic design, content marketing, website design and more.

Founder and principal Bob Chenoweth is an award-winning professional writer, content consultant, graphic designer and website developer. After 20+ years in the utility industry, dealing mainly with technical, procedural and regulatory publications, he formed Chenoweth Content & Design in 2001 and began serving small- to medium-sized businesses and professional organizations.

Chenoweth served as Chairman (and former Marketing and Communications Director) of the Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, as well as Executive Director of The 50+ Business Network. He is a member of the E-Marketing Association Network and the Indiana Writers Workshop. He works hard to be a caring husband, dad, grandpa, friend and servant. Most days he succeeds; every day he learns.


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