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According to the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, “…Truth and Falsehood went bathing; Falsehood came first out of the water and dressed herself In Truth’s garments. Truth, unwilling to take those of Falsehood, went naked.”

In modern and practical terms, a naked truth is the simple and unadorned essence of something; in this case, naked truths are the essential lessons for effective branding, marketing, design and communications. But just because truths are simple doesn’t mean they are obvious. That’s why we’ll reveal them to you here. We’ll start, naturally, with…

Naked Truth #1:

To be considered outstanding, you must first stand out!

Simply put, everything else you do in and for your business or organization is meaningless if you don’t succeed at Naked Truth #1.

Naked Truth #2:

Simple is better: You can find your focus through the art of subtraction

Like a sculptor at work, you can carve away the excess to expose your masterpiece.

Naked Truth #3:

Your business needs a tattoo

Memorable businesses have a distinct brand and a visual brand identity.


Stay turned for more naked truths to be revealed soon!

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